Turquoise the lovely blue-green stone.

It’s instantly recognizable and draws you into its vibrant color.  This stone is mostly associated with the American Indian, but turquoise was first mined in Ancient Egypt, around 3000 BCE. It was found on the mummified remains of Queen Zar of Egypt.

Turquoise a stone whose name is a color and a type of stone. What is Turquoise?  Put simply it’s a combination of Copper, Iron, and Aluminum. Vivid blue is the result of high copper content. The softer green tones are the result of more iron present. Turquoise is known for the Matrix or veining running through it.  The veining is the result of water containing certain minerals and aluminum. The more copper the bluer the stone.


My collection of stones titled Turquoise

I designed a bail of seed beads for the donut stone, to wear as a necklace.

The oval stone on the left has some veining and a lovely blue

The darker green cabochon has the iron pyrite turquoise

The small round cabochon is fake.

The lime green stone is white turquoise dyed and stabilized.

Please see the chart below.



What is contained in the matrix or veining?

Black matrix=results in iron pyrite

Yellow matrix=the result of Rhyolite

Brown matrix= 16 different types of iron oxide

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