My name is Stephanie Jordan and I’m from Baltimore City Maryland, and I  am self-taught artist.

SRJdesigns was created after a couple of years studying and practicing making jewelry with seed beads. I went to upscale craft shows and I feel in love with the many ways and materials people used to create jewelry. Creating jewelry with seed beads has taught me determination and many smiles. I  find I like triangles and I guess it’s because I’ve always like corners. I’ve found the colors in rust on pole painted green or the colors at various times of the day can excite me.

Using seed beads has made me into a problem solver. I also fix jewelry of other kinds like jewelry that’s come apart or lost a piece. I love seeing the excitement in a person’s eye once their baby is fixed. 

My customers know they can come to me for a collaboration when a special piece is needed. I love that I  blessed to do that for them.

Making jewelry gives me the opportunity to be creative and have jewelry that excites me.

I remember looking for jewelry in the right shape and colors, but not being satisfied, and I know there are women like me. I want my clients to feel excited about my jewelry and wear it with pride.


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