Being apart of the Asistas Circle Empowerment network

These are the things that make being a part of Asistascircle empowerment network priceless!

Ida Crawford was an unselfish, great help to me on Friday.

I needed to link my website SRJ Jewelry designs to all my social media sites and my facebook page.

Ida help me to investigate what was needed and what needed changing.

I was taught how to write a professional tagline on my emails.

She went over how I needed to create a Word document to list my websites and social media URL paths.

These are the same things that make a big difference, but the books I’ve read don’t have this part in them.

Ida was very encouraging while helping me to form habits that will help me check links and locate sites in a short amount of time.

I am very happy with the help she gave me.

Stephanie Jordan CEO of SRJ jewelry designs

Seeds of Beauty as unique as you!

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