A Journey to my soul

Hello, I want to tell you about how the universe guides us,while telling you about this necklace I call Montana Sky.

I wanted to start creating beaded beads. I use wood beads as a core. I knew I wanted the main color to be blue. Out came these three beads of which I strung on leather cord.

I learned how to wrap wire around the ends for the purpose of attaching a clasp.Here is how it looked wearing the necklace.

It seemed unfinished, so I looked around my studio for an idea. Nothing jumped out.

I put the necklace aside for at least two months. Then one day as I was working on another piece my eyes landed on some large glass beads that I’d had for some years.

They’re called Millifore.It refers to the multi-layered wound mosaic glass beads which were produced in Venice beginning in the early 1800’s. They were produced by creating flowers or stripes from glass canes, that were then cut and molded onto a core of solid color. They are commonly known as “African Trade Beads.

Here is where the spirit of my soul lead me. I couldn’t be happier.

Next, I needed a clasp but a metal one didn’t feel right.

One day I was listening to a youtube channel and the artist talked about creating clasp with unusual items.

The clasp is made from a circle of lapis stone and a shank button, how cool is that. The spirit comes were and when it wills. You need to stay open.

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